The Move

Well, it’s official. We just put in the 60 day notice to vacate our apartment. I can’t believe it’s been over two years since we first moved in. Geez, I’m nervous! Well, I guess it’s half nervous, half excited!!

It was  last Wednesday when Jeff sprung it on me, his crazy idea to ditch our apartment and move into his Mom’s basement in order to save money and buy our own first place. I flipped. What in the heck was he thinking!?! There is noway we could give up our home and way of  life. And now, just one week later, that far fetched and whacked out idea is reality. In 60 days we will be outta here, Ahhhhhh!

So, in loving memory of our apartment:

Our living room – Mmmm wine night

My grandmother’s things ❤

Snugglin’ Murph on our bed

Our family room vision with the patio furniture!

Murphy’s favorite window spot

Our swimming friends & Jeff’s guitar

Our outside oasis

The dining room, with my fresh flowers from Jeff

The vision a reality, the first day we got our new furniture

…that vision a reality with hopefully many more to come. Moving forward, we couldn’t be more excited to have this opportunity to move ahead with our lives and to have the possibility of becoming first time homeowners in 2013! Woo Whooo!


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