Why we LOVE Fall

I grew up a water baby and I loovveeddd SUMMER. What kid doesn’t? Summer vacation, hanging out with friends, sleeping in, swimming at the pool everyday…

Summers hold a lot of fond memories for me, but I think that over the past couple of years I have traded summer as my favorite for fall. Yep, I just can’t get enough of everything Fall and here is why-

1. Apple Picking 

We have made quite the tradition out of Apple picking

2. Apple Cider

3. Baking Apple Pies

4. Oktoberfest

Another tradition – Shnitzel Platz with Jeff’s Fam

5. Fall Leaves

6. Boots

7.  Fall Sweaters 

Tehehe, my Murphy is such a good boy, Compass would never tolerate this

8. Caramel Apples

9. Halloween

We have been obsessed with HBO’s Boardwalk Empire, hence the 1920’s costumes

10. Football

NIU Homecoming Game 2011 – Jeff and I are both Northern Illinois University Alum, we met in college

11. Carving Pumpkins 

My sister, myself, and my mom being total goofs posing with our pumpkins last year

12. Thanksgiving

13. Black Friday 

14. And last, but certainly not least, Pumpkin Spice Lattes, mmm baby!

Anybody else lovin’ fall these days?


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